Reinhardt, Larry

From Bradenton, Larry Rheinhart moved to Jacksonville in 1968 with Sarasota band The Blues Messengers, who became The Second Coming; he left that group to form his own Jacksonville-based power trio, the Load. He briefly became a member of Los Angeles rock icons Iron Butterfly, then formed L.A. band Captain Beyond with Butterfly bassist Lee Dorman. The band added Second Coming/Blues Messengers keyboardist Reese Wynans, and got signed to Capricorn as a result of Reinhardt’s and Reese’s connections with the Allman Brothers Band. Currently lives in Bradenton. Also see The Load; Wynans, Reese; Betts, Dickey.

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  1. You had a major influence on my guitar playing though until now I only new you through Captain Beyond.Orginally from Pensacola,the Allman Bro.and Don Felder,Chet Atkins,Django Reinhardt also made an impact on my playing.I really appreciate your talent

  2. I was 16 when I made my way to Jacksonville Beach from Arlington. Easter Sunday night…The Easter blues festival was what it was… with Load, The Second Coming,some assorted others including ,The Crazy Elaphant as the “headiners”.
    Believe it or not, I still have two of the paper posters that were stuck up all over town the weeks before the event.
    I somehow sensed it was history at the time, and have never forgot it. As the Brothers and Dickey hooked up at the same time, I took notice, and got to see a Sunday jam at greenfield a few weeks later.
    Any way it’s 40 years later now. I have for the last 10 years broadcast a thing called The Southern Fried Saturday Night on FMs in north Florida. I discovered Captain Beyond 36-37 years ago? It still amazes people when I play the entrire first album on the air…some beacause they know it, others because they don’t.
    Almost 30 years in radio has brought me to to a situation where I have total control of my show.
    No money, but the complete freedom to present the real deal.
    And the real deal comes all the way from what I now believe is the true birth of southern rock. Born Easter 1968, at the exact moment The Second Comming and Load jammed.
    I have been stoked ever since.

  3. Hi Larry,

    I´m searching info about you career, including recordingas after the Iron Butterfly.
    I´m listenin the Metamorphosis and any time I find new things !!, please send me info about you.

    Happy new year !!


  4. Larry, If you would, please e’mail me as soon as you can. Thank’s,

  5. Hi Larry, Glad to hear you are still hanging in there. Are you still in contact with Kay? I lost touch with “Duffy” long ago. Life is very good for me. I really lucked out. “Mitchell” and I split up years ago. He died in 2009. Would love to chat and catch up. Get back at me if you can.

    Warmest Regards,

  6. Hi Larry, I’ve been a fan of yours for over 40 years, ever since I heard you on Metamorphosis. I even got to see you live in Indianapolis with Captain Beyond. You played with 6 other bands including REO, Rare Earth, & Blue Oyster Cult. Because of the number of bands everyone had about 45 minutes to play and some bands were kind of lackluster, just rushing through their set. From the first note you guys dominated the day. You were the hardest rockers I’d ever seen, and the best musicians. Thanks for the great tunes, the first Captain Beyond album remains one of my favorite all-time albums.

    Take care,
    Steve Murray

  7. Hi Larry,

    Hope you’re still with us. Last I saw you was on my 40th birthday Dec 19, 1999. I moved from Chicago to Fort Lauderdale in Sept of 1999. I caught wind of Captain Beyond doing a show in the Orlando area and drove up to spend my birthday seeing one of my all time heroes. Over the next year I spent many hours per day mastering every single note of every single overdub on the first CB record. My lifetime guitar aspirations were finally realized. Thank You. Even though I could never put together a career in the music biz, I knew that I was as good as anybody and it gave me the confidence I needed to tackle anything that this life could throw at me.

  8. Wow! I LOVE everything that you laid down on the First Captain album. Some of my all-time favorite guitar riffs. I love ya brother.

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